Thursday 4th August 2016

Bangalore Environment Trust (BET) has embarked a year ago on a unique Ecotherapy programme for the rehabilitation of children with special needs due to autism and other ailments. These children study in special schools in Bangalore.

This Ecotherapy programme is the brainchild of BETís incoming Chairman Dr. A. N. Yellappa Reddy (taking over in a few months from longtime Chairman Capt. Subbarao Prabhala). He has been ably assisted in implementing this programme by BET Trustees Dr. S. Raju Urs and Dr. Sadanand Hegde, who have given of their time to organize and ensure active participation of the children at the Ecotherapy sessions once a month.

The video on this Ecotherapy programme in English and Kannada is worth watching. It is heartwarming to see the children with such severe handicaps responding to the interventions of dedicated therapists and the environment that they are exposed to at Bangalore University grounds.

Ecotherapy - Kannada   Ecotherapy English


Workshop on how to save lakes of Bangalore

Saturday 4th July 2009 at 14.30 hrs

Objective of this workshop:

Bangalore was once known as a city of thousand lakes. Many have disappeared and the others are languishing because of

  • breaching of inflow channels

  • encroachment of lake beds

  • pollution - sewage and industrial effluents

The result is flooding whenever there is heavy rain. Also looming water crisis a few years ahead.

Cauvery alone cannot meet the needs of Bangalore. There is urgent need to restore lakes and recharge ground water levels.

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Traffic Etiquette

The following AV presentation was created by BET on behalf of the Bangalore traffic Police. Kindly Download this AV and circulate to all.



Letter to CM on Race Course

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