Heritage Trees of Bangalore and around
Bangalore Environment Trust at the behest of the Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka, has brought out a book on Heritage Trees in and around Bangalore

This book is basically about the tree wealth of Bangalore, exotic and indigenous. The emphasis is on the diversity of trees in Bangalore which have come in from all over the world - who brought them in, when and how they were brought to Lalbagh and Bangalore and how these trees are now adapted to Bangalore successfully becoming avenue trees and being planted in gardens across the city. The book consists of photographs of each tree. a description of the tree and with maps at the end of the book indicating how you can get to these trees. The book is all of 175 pages with colour photographs and a detailed map of 120 trees within Lalbagh. Well designed and with a hard cover the book is a bargain at Rs.500. We give below a simple reference to the book by one of the committee members of Koramangala 3rd Block Residents Welfare Association.

"Vijay introduced us to a book he has written on the trees of Bangalore called “Heritage Trees”. This has been brought out with the help of Bangalore Environment Trust, Vijay being one of the Trustees. The book is very informative, beautifully illustrated with photographs and also has a map of Lal Baugh pin pointing where these trees can be found, so for those of you who are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact Vijay Thiruvady at Email (Mobile 98450 68416)"

by Mrs. Laeeq Futehally